Support Plan

Technical issues with ArcGIS* or SQL Server** using  ArcSDE* technology?  Want a plan for Disaster Recovery or in case of an emergency? Need help upgrading to the latest release of  ArcGIS?

We Can Help!

The HMI support plan helps you accomplish a variety of tasks related to maintaining your GIS efficiently and effectively.  Let our extensive experience in GIS database design and troubleshooting help you keep your operations running smoothly.  As a member of the HMI Support Plan, you have an added layer of expertise at your disposal when problems arise.  Also, with access to your server as a component of the support plan, many critical tasks can be accomplished remotely, saving staff time and money.

Some of the features of the support plan are:

  • Phone & Email Supportcomputer
  • On-site Training/Consulting
  • Upgrades (GIS and/or RDBMS)
  • Database Design
  • Raster Loading Services
  • DBA Support for RDBMS
  • ArcGIS Server Website Support
  • Emergency Support
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Custom Application Development

We have Basic and Advanced Support Plans. Choose the support level that suits your needs based on the size and  complexity of your system.

Rest easy knowing that you’ve got a firm with over 20 years of local government GIS experience on call for problems and situations that will arise from time to time.  Our familiarity with your system will help ensure a timely resolution. Call us today for more information!


*ArcGIS and ArcSDE are registered trademarks of Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc.

**SQL Server is a registered trademark of Microsoft.