Implementation Packages

ArcGIS_Online_Specialty_Small-LightBG_cropGetting acquainted with new technology can be challenging. Let our knowledge and experience help you get the most out of your new investment. We can help you understand the ArcGIS Online structure, what roles are needed, as well as assist you in determining the subscription level that is right for you.

The Service Package

Have you seen an app on that you would like to stand up for your organization but just don’t know where to get started? Let us help! This package includes basic landing page arrangement (along with some gallery help), critical named users and/or groups setup, and the publishing of one map or application using fully-hosted services.

The Essentials Package

Do you have a knack for learning new technology? We have designed this package to help clients get up and running with a new app. We’ll walk you through an orientation process and provide you with the skills necessary to implement apps of your own. Same as the Service Package but with a day of training to help you administer and manage your account.

The Professional Package

Do you need more flexibility/control within the commercial-off-shelf-solutions available at ArcGIS Online? In addition to the Essentials Package, you get second day of training to guide you through some of the more advanced capabilities of ArcGIS Online such as customizing the hosted apps, methods of publishing, and a guided tour of available apps.