ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS_Online_Specialty_Small-LightBG_cropWith the increasing availability of cloud services, Esri has provided a way to make geospatial technology available to almost anyone. Subscriptions for ArcGIS Online offer a flexible, cloud-based mapping platform that allows organizations to share maps, data, and apps in a secure environment whether you are in the office or in the field. It comes equipped with data, basemaps, and the necessary tools—no additional software or programming necessary! Simply consume, publish and/or configure an item and you are ready to go. From Routing to Public Notification to fast and efficient Summaries, many geospatial tasks can be accomplished through your subscription.

ArcGIS Online

Esri’s ArcGIS apps for smartphones and tablets

Key Features:

  • Free configurable Maps & Apps
  • Fully-hosted services
  • Customizable gallery & landing page
  • Embed URL’s in emails and websites for rapid collaboration
  • Access from nearly any device
  • Location awareness
  • Access to code
  • Desktop license not necessary

Are you ready to get started? We’ve put together a collection of Implementation Packages to get you going.