Complete Enterprise GIS Solutions

Deploy GIS throughout your entire organization

Does your organization have numerous GIS users who need simultaneous access to a centralized database? Do many of those users also need to edit the same data at the same time?

Highland Mapping specializes in the use of server-specific GIS software called ArcSDE. ArcSDE (Spatial Database Engine) is an Esri product that allows for the storage, query, and editing of spatial data in a modern relational database such as SQL or Oracle.

There are several advantages of ArcSDE over a traditional ArcMap client based database:

  • Multi-user editing – Enables multiple users to edit the same or different data sets simultaneously without restrictive locking.
  • Versioning – Ability to create private snap-shots of data sets that can be edited independently of, and later merged with, the original data. Typically used to provide a quality control mechanism, historical versions, and “what if” scenarios.
  • Performance – Offers lightning fast query and display of both vector and raster data. Tremendous gains in speed are accomplished by offloading processing from ArcMap clients to a powerful server.
  • Security – Protect sensitive data by displaying or hiding data sets on a per user basis. Track edits to data through RDBMS auditing capabilities.
  • Scalability – ArcSDE grows with you as your organization grows. Given sufficient system resources, it has the ability to store, process, query, and display terabytes of raster and vector data.
  • Backup & Recovery – ArcSDE stores all of your spatial data in one central location for ease of backup and recovery. Considering the cost of building and maintaining spatial data, an investment in data protection is a wise one. It is typically cheaper to build infrastructure capable of restoring data than it is to rebuild data from scratch.
  • Interoperability – ArcSDE has the ability to communicate with other databases on your network, allowing you to dynamically join and display external attribute data with your spatial data through spatially-enabled views.

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